Eater of cake. Master of none. Also the author of Consolia Comics.

I’m Tim, a programmer. I have been a back-end developer for about 13 years now. I have been programming since i was 10.

Beyond programming I spend my time between drawing balls and drawing silly things, for BawlSec and Consolia respectively.

Posts by Koffiebaard

Our first BawlSec comic! SQL injection

Posted on 10 Jan 2020 by Koffiebaard

We are launching a comic series about generic software vulnerabilities and hacking techniques. We’ll start by focusing on the basics and moving up from there.

Testing-framework based on bash one-liners

Posted on 29 Jan 2017 by Koffiebaard

tl;dr: using bash one-liners for validation testing makes it easy, powerful, flexible, easy to learn and lightweight: it can be as simple as one file. Any single test can be copy-pasted and run by anyone. See a working example here.