Our first BawlSec comic! SQL injection

Written by Koffiebaard on 10 Jan 2020

We are launching a comic series about generic software vulnerabilities and hacking techniques. We’ll start by focusing on the basics and moving up from there.

You can read our very first comic here: https://consolia-comic.com/comics/sql-injection. The comic explains databases and how to exploit them using very simple SQL injections.

Why comics?

Harsh as it sounds; a lot of people don’t have a strong knowledge on the basics of hacking. These techniques bubble to the surface in the form of trial and error, but often with chunks of vital information missing. Comics are a very visual and easy to read medium to get this knowledge across.

Don’t get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with trial and error. I love it. I practice it daily, and my fellow Bawlers do too. That said, wouldn’t it be awesome to bridge the gaps in all of these brilliant hacking minds?

And if those hacking minds would join BawlSec to do CTF events and destroy software everywhere, that would be a big plus.

Join us

Do it. Do it now. Join the dark side, for we all know the place where the sun doesn’t shine is near the Bawls.

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