Founder of BawlSec

Hi, I’m Robert McCallum.

You might also know me as M42D, Base5 or Drubes.

I recently discovered that i’m a hacker and have had been a hacker all my life.

Part of me already knew this, but I’ve had been repressing it for years. Trying to live a life as a cook, electrical engineer, process operator, service engineer. It all didn’t feel good to me.

I love:

  • Reverse engineering software and hardware.
  • Learning how things work.
  • Finding bugs.
  • Finding ways to exploit these bugs.

November 2018 I got into playing CTF.

December 2018 I founded the BawlSec CTF team.

I am now looking to find a job as a reverse engineer or pen tester.

Posts by M42D

How To Hack All The Things

Posted on 13 Jan 2020 by M42D

A question I often hear is “how do you hack things?” As there are a lot of “things” and hacking is a broad understanding. So this is not a question that can be swiftly answered. But in this article i will attempt to explain the process that will cover most or even all forms of hacking while not going into any technical details so the average Joe can understand it as well.